Freedom Firearms Inc.
               Northern Nevada's Licensed Concealed Firearms
                              Training Specialist's since 1999

Nevada Concealed Weapons Courses

CCW Classes Weekly

CCW Initial Class

 8:30 to 5:00pm
Cost $75.00
Indoor range fee $11.00


Class location
171 Coney Island Dr

The student must know how to shoot a handgun

and operate it safely and properly in order to qualify and pass this class

This is not a Basic Pistol class


                      Alan Woodburn                      Bob Bennett                            775.224.1234                             775.772.0139

  Larry Holden

We specialize in products and solutions for the
Law Enforcement community

The Class includes targets, safety gear and all the paperwork needed to complete your background check with the Washoe County Sheriff Dept. Please visit The Sheriffs website to review Nevada Laws and regulations.

You must qualify with a Firearm to meet the Shooting requirements for The State of Nevada. This will take place at the Outdoor shooting range at 1700. Please bring One Revolver and One Semi Automatic to qualify for your State permit.

California CCW classes given monthly.
We are licensed in Lassen and Modoc counties at this time.
We require a six (6) person minimum in order to present the class.
Class fee is 125.00 / person.


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